Google Offers Free Marketing Kit for Small Businesses

Getting a Google My Business profile is pretty simple. Start here.
SIA Team
August 18, 2021

Getting a Google My Business profile is pretty simple. Start here.

Last week, there was a retweet on the Google Small Business Twitter channel. It basically talked about marketing your small business for free. 

The original tweet, which came from Jyll Saskin Gales’ Twitter account, talked about getting a Google My Business (GMB) Marketing Kit. I think it’s an incentive for new business owners to claim their business in Google My Business. (That said, I’m not sure if you can get this marketing kit if your business is already in GMB.)

What Is Google My Business (GMB)?

Google My Business is basically a Google account for your business. It lets you manage your business profile. 

Your Business Profile and Google My Business 

It’s important to know that your business profile on Google is not necessarily the same as Google My Business. From my understanding, your business profile is your business listing on Google, and can be independent of your GMB. When you enroll in GMB, you can basically claim your business profile (or create one for free if there isn’t one). 

Why You May Want to Be in GMB

Well, there are many reasons, but to continue from the last section, GMB lets you manage your business profile. With proper management, your business can also become more visible to potential customers. 

I’m sure you know that reviews are a critical influencing factor that may help people determine which business they want to go to. Just a glance at the number of stars can be all that people need to decide between 2 potential businesses. 

Well, when you use GMB to claim your business profile, you can react to these reviews and better engage with your audience. This is key, because potential customers will be looking at these reviews.

In fact, I’m reminded of something I saw recently. 

I was scrolling through the Google reviews of the gym I go to. Most of them are good. They currently have a 3.9 rating, which could be better, but I’ve always had a positive experience with them, so I continue to go there. 

I came across one review that mentioned a bad billing experience.

While I’m not taking sides, my point is that the business (the gym) replied to this review, stating their side of the story. 

So, when you get a negative review, with GMB, you can respond to it, so that people can get a clearer picture of the situation. 

GMB can be good for SEO, as well, because you can link to your site with your GMB. 

And, I haven’t even mentioned Maps yet. All things being equal, you have a better chance of showing up on Google Maps. 

What You Get With Your GMB Marketing Kit

With the marketing kit, you basically get a simplified process for registering in GMB, plus you get some printable posters that show that you’re on GMB. It’s basically a very small step of a much larger process, but it is what it is. 

So, if you’re not yet on GMB, it’s easy, and the benefits can potentially be more than what I’ve listed here. 
Source: Google Small Business Twitter channel