Google On The Disavow Tool

Have you been wondering whether to disavow some of your links or just keep them there? Get the real deal and read about what Google has to say on disavowing links.
Marie Aquino
January 15, 2022

In the Google Search Central SEO Office Hours last January 14, John Mueller was asked a couple of times about disavowing links.

In this episode, we’ve gained some insights on the use of the disavow tool, and how to proceed with using it.

According to Mueller, his assumption is that for most websites, there is no need to use the disavow file and that it is easy to get things wrong with using it.

However, this does not mean that all websites should never use it.

He also mentioned that we should not focus too much on trying to clean up all links because that is always impossible.

With regards to links to be disavowed, they would be the type of links where when you look at them, you would think that if someone from the website team were to look at the links, that they would be 100% certain that you bought them or that there was some kind of link exchange happening.

But when it comes to random links a website gets, even from spammy pages, copy pages, or random forum posts, those types of things are not what you put in the disavow file.

Have you been wondering whether to disavow some of your links or just keep them? Looks like there is not much need to disavow links after all, unless of course they look 100% reciprocal links. Then again, who can say 100% sure that they are 😉

You can watch the particular episode below: