Google Pixel Superfans Gets Early Access To Bard

Google is giving some Pixel Superfans early access to Bard, to train the chatbot before it is released to the public.
Marie Aquino
March 21, 2023

With the release of GPT4 and more people having access to the New Bing and its AI chat feature, many people have been awaiting Google’s next steps on Bard.

It looks like Google is starting to move as 9to5Google has reported that Google is giving some Pixel Superfans early access to Bard. 9to5Google has viewed an email sent to Pixel Superfans from Google, inviting them to have early access to Bard. Part of the email reads:

“Meet Bard, an early experiment by Google that lets you collaborate with generative AI. We’d like to offer you – a member of our Pixel Superfan community – early access so you can get started as soon as Bard launches, and share your feedback.

We can’t wait to hear how people start using Bard, but we also know that large language models will not always get it right. Input from a wide range of experts and users will help Bard improve.”

The early access to be given to Pixel Superfans seems to be a way to continue training Bard before it is fully released to the public. Last month, Google has started providing access to Bard to their employees, in order to help train the chatbot.

Google seems to be serious in its commitment to responsible AI, wanting to make sure they get things right before releasing. Till then, we just have to wait with bated breath and hope all this wait is worth it.