Google Releases Update for Target Users Who Click On In-App Ads

Marketers may boost the profitability of their app advertisements thanks to a new targeting option in Google Ads.
SIA Team
October 8, 2022

An update to Google Ads is currently going out for app marketers with the goal of boosting in-app ad income.

“This is an update to the Target Return on Ad Spend, or tROAS bid strategy, which is recommended if you are seeking a specific Return on Ad Spend from your App campaigns. If you have an Android app using the Google Analytics for Firebase SDK conversion reporting, you can calculate tROAS by passing a dynamic revenue value from in-app events in Google Analytics to Google ads, in order to improve the average dollar value you want back for every dollar spent on user acquisition.” Google said in their latest blog post. 

Google said that Google Ads users can target clients who have a preference for clicking on ads inside of applications with Google Ads’ app campaigns.

According to Google, the target return on ad spend for ad revenue, or tROAS for ad revenue for short, is the latest targeting option. They added that an Ad expenditure when using tROAS for ad income is based on how probable a user is to click on an in-app advertisement.

Furthermore, for advertisers operating app campaigns, a target return on ad spend for ad revenue is now available.