Google Search Console: Google ReTweets Free Spreadsheet for Identifying Click Gain/Loss Faster

Ever wish someone would give you a professionally designed spreadsheet for your Search Console data? Here’s one.
SIA Team
August 13, 2021

Not too long ago, on its Twitter channel, Google Analytics retweeted a tweet from Aleyda Solis. This tweet spoke about a spreadsheet that makes it easier to analyze some Google Search Console Data. 

The tweet links to a page on, which features a free download of a spreadsheet that’s hosted on Google Docs. 

Google Console Spreadsheet

The above is a partial screenshot of the spreadsheet, which is actually based on one by Hannah Rampton

What you don’t see is that there are additional tabs/spreadsheets that are accessible across the bottom of the viewing area. 

This looks like a spreadsheet with many mathematical formulas behind it. (I don’t think you have to worry about those. Just know they work.)

What Are Gains and Loss? 

From the definition I found at, gains are the number of keywords your site was discovered for (which it wasn’t discovered for during the previous reporting period), whereas loss is the opposite: the number of keywords that your site was previously discovered for (which it wasn’t discovered for during the current reporting period). 

Great for Trends and Seasons

Because gain and loss have to do with new keywords (or search queries) that bring traffic to your site and/or keywords that used to bring traffic to your site (but aren’t now), you can gain insight into a few things. 

First of all, if you start seeing new keywords that you haven’t seen before, or a slight modification to an old keyword, perhaps that’s a sign of a trend or of something new. It could also be something seasonal: Christmas-related searches probably begin slowly appearing as soon as July, and peak in December. 

And the converse is true: if you start seeing old keywords that used to bring you traffic begin to decline, then maybe that’s the sign of a dying trend or something old. 

But new keywords don’t always have to mean that there’s a trend. It could also mean that your site is gaining in authority and overall rankings, and hence, would be visible for more keywords. 

A Potential Time Saver

If you like to crunch a lot of data, or just wish you had a digital resource to do that, this is one to consider. Like most mathematically-formulated spreadsheets, it has various rows and columns where, over time, you enter data you get from Google Search Console, and it uses its built-in formulas to make the desired calculations. 

(You’ll have to see it for yourself to understand.) 

The time-saving benefit is due to the mathematical formulae behind the spreadsheet. 

Basically, you just enter in your data, and once enough variables (data) are entered, results begin to appear. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel, Hugo Akhtari