Google Searches for ‘Discount Code’ Have Increased 50% Since 2020

For the retailer, this presents 2 great opportunities to put your sales in front of buyers. Here’s what they are.
SIA Team
August 16, 2021

Last week, Google Small Business put out a tweet, saying that they noticed a jump of 50% in search demand for discount codes. 

If you intend to have discount codes, I can see at least 2 good opportunities that all businesses should consider:

Opportunity #1: On-Page SEO 

This one’s simple: on your web page for the product you’ve created a code for, have the phrase discount code in the body text and the page title (by page title, I mean the HTML title tag). 

Your body text is, of course, the main description area for your product. 

As for the title of your post, if you’re using WordPress, the title of your post becomes your HTML title tag/page title. 

I’d bet it’s similar with other platforms. 

If you’re not sure what I mean by this, you can look it up in the documentation of your content management system or ask your webmaster.

Basically, the idea here is that, as with any search query, if someone’s looking for discount codes, Google is likely to return results that have that search query somewhere on them. 

By stating on your product pages that you have discount codes, and then waiting for Googlebot to recrawl your page and re-index it, your page has a better chance of showing up for that search query. 

Just keep that in mind: it could take hours to days for a page to be updated in Google’s index. 

(Of course, when people search for discount codes, they won’t just type that phrase; rather, that phrase will probably be at the tail end of a main query, such as coffee makers. So, their search query might be coffee makers discount code.)

Also, people can look for variations of the phrase discount code: coupons, sales, discounts, etc, so keep that in mind. You can add all those words to your pages. 

Opportunity #2: Deal Pages

Last month, I wrote a news item about Deal Pages

You’ve probably entered a shopping-related query into Google, and seen images of items on sale. Those may be Google Shopping results, which aren’t exactly what I mean here. 

I’m talking about something that may look similar, but are not exactly the same: they’re images of items that are in the Google Deals program. (They’re usually accompanied by the text, Deals from stores.)

And if you think you have to be a big-name retailer to join this program, you’ll be surprised to learn the truth. Yes, you may have to go through a few hurdles, such as enrolling in Google Merchant, but I think the rewards can be worth it.

Source: Google Small Business