Google Shares Story About How a Veterinarian Launched a Successful App

When Rasa had problems housebreaking her dog, she made a solution for 2.5 million downloaders.
SIA Team
August 31, 2021

When you think of Google, you probably think of a big, major corporation. 

And you’re right.

However, Google also has small business and startup appeal, and recently, on the Google For Startups Twitter channel, there was a tweet about training a new pup.

The tweet had a short video about the story that led to Dogo, which is a dog-training app built for dog owners.

It started when Germany-based veterinarian  Rasa Gentvilaitė-Žiemienė struggled with housebreaking her dog. 

And, as with all enterprising minds, she focused on a solution: she and her husband created an early iteration of what would become Dogo. This early iteration helped dog owners and ‘pawrents’ with specialized training suggestions. 

Over the years (and as with most well-maintained apps), Rasa’s app continued to evolve. 

But, growing a team has not been without challenge. For one, there was lack of startup experience. Thankfully, Rasa joined the Google for Startups Immersion for Women Founders

It was there that she learned things like analytics and how to ask the critical business-building questions, such as “What’s actually important?”

Firebase, which is Google’s app-building offer, is also something mentioned in Rasa’s story. Rasa’s team is small, so it doesn’t have the extensive resources that a medium- or large-sized business might have. 

But despite that, and due to its ease of use, Rasa’s team was able to use Firebase to power their app. Dogo consistently runs smoothly, even under high traffic loads.

If there’s one piece of advice that Rasa would share with other founders, it’d be this: talk to others. 

This makes sense. Building a business can be lonely, and a lot of entrepreneurs have found that their non-entrepreneurial friends don’t understand the dynamics they have to contend with. 

When you associate with others who know what you’re trying to do, and you foster a positive, but challenging environment, you can learn and grow by leaps and bounds.

So, if you’re a solopreneur who’s in the middle of starting something, I hope this news item has been a glimmer of inspiration for you.

Source: Google Startups Twitter channel