Google Tweet: Article On Google Analytics Conversion Tracking

Is something off with your conversion tracking? One of these best practices may be what you’re overlooking.
SIA Team
September 25, 2021

In Google Analytics 4 (GA4), if you’d like to track events (instead of sessions), or you want to learn a new method for tracking conversions, this tweet may spark your interest.

Jessica Malnik’s article, How to Track Conversions with Google Analytics 4: 7 Best Practices, is not just an introduction to this, but also (as its title suggests) gives you 7 good practices that you can use to hone your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) skills. 

The Importance of Conversion Tracking

Quite simply, conversion tracking is important because, if done properly, it tells you that something important happened on your site (or app). This can be a download, a sign-up, a sale–something you deem is important.

(Of course, there are many things of importance that may happen on your site, so there are many things you can choose from. I would guess that most people would choose to measure things that show that a visitor is at least interested in something, and is a good future prospect.)

Conversion tracking may be one of the most important features of GA4. I mean, think about it: for some, the ultimate endpoint of business is the sale. (For me, I’d say it’s winning a customer, and keeping them for lifelong satisfaction, sales, and patronage.)

In any case, that’s why it’s important to not just learn this, but to learn how to do it without error. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel