Google Tweets About Added Details Rich Results Reports in Search Console

If you want to keep up-to-date on Rich Results, Schema, and markup, this is something you may be interested in.
SIA Team
October 7, 2021

Yesterday (October 6th, 2021), Google tweeted that they were adding more details to some errors on Search Console Rich Results status reports. This is done in an effort to make Rich Results status reports more actionable. 

That tweet linked to a Search Console Help page, titled, Rich Result Status Reports.

Unfortunately, I see no mention of the specific additions that were made, so I’m not able to give those details.

What Rich Results Are

You know that plain search engine results are your basic blue titles with black text.

Well, Rich Results are…‘richer’ than those. (Had to get that pun in there.)

You’ve seen Rich Results: when you search for a musician and see images of their albums, or when you search for a recipe and see an organized list of ingredients. 

If your site (or, to be more specific, a certain page on your site) has information that would be fitting for Rich Results, you can possibly attract more visitors to your pages by implementing structured data

If you’re using structured data, and are doing so properly, then you know that’s probably giving you some good returns. If not, you may be asking yourself this question, which is actually the title of a test report you may want to see: Does A Page With Schema Markup Outrank A Page Without?

Source: Google Search Central Twitter channel