Google Tweets Article That Gives Business Advice Based on Seinfeld Episode

Remember the episode where George Costanza ‘does the opposite’? Can your business benefit from that advice?
SIA Team
October 15, 2021

Sometimes, beneath the humour of the best entertainment–whether they be plays, songs, movies, or Seinfeld episodes–have a certain truth waiting to be discovered.

Yesterday (October 14th, 2021), the Google Small Business Twitter channel had a tweet about this:

The tweet linked to an article by Steve Strauss, published on USA Today, titled, Want to Make Your Business Boom? Make Like George Costanza and Do the Opposite of Normal

As the title implies, the article is written for business people and entrepreneurs, and encourages you to consider doing the opposite of some form of conventional wisdom.

The article uses the following video, which features George Consanza ruminating about his lack of success in life, resolving to ‘do the opposite,’ and then…actually doing so…to a hilarious outcome. 

While ‘doing the opposite’ has been heard of before, in the wake of the pandemic, it certainly takes on a renewed pertinence to today’s business landscape. 

The article gives an example of a spa company that was faced with the notion of having to close its doors. But, instead of just doing so and twiddling their thumbs, they did something different, which increased in sales and profit.

Going Against Conventional Wisdom

Hey…you’re an entrepreneur, so most likely, just stepping into that role, you’ve done something different. 

You dared to think differently (to paraphrase the late Steve Jobs). 

But Now, Consider Going Against Industry Norms and Trends…In a Calculated Fashion

Of course, going against the norm doesn’t mean being reckless, violating moral guidelines, or taking large risks that offer little benefit. 

I’m not talking about going against the norm just to go against the industry norm. 

But rather, ask yourself different questions and try to see things in a different light. 

And also, you might not have to do a complete 180-degree turn. Even just a small redesign on something can make a large difference. 

Try it. Be creative and think differently.

Source: Google Small Business Twitter channel