Google Tweets Video on the OR Condition in Google Tag Manager

Want a tag to fire on page A OR page B, but are not sure how to set it up? This tutorial will clarify things for you.
SIA Team
November 10, 2021

Google Tag Manager, as with most of Google’s tracking platforms, can be of great help to teams that want to know more about their customers, traffic sources, and conversions.

But, these platforms can require a precise level of detail, and, if one detail is overlooked or something is missed, seeming errors can occur. 

A lot of the time, these ‘errors’ won’t really be errors due to the platform, but rather, a mistake made when someone was setting something up.

And that brings us to our topic: the OR condition in Google Tag Manager.

If you’re familiar with programming and/or flow charts, you’re probably beginning to get an idea of what the OR condition is for, or can be used for. 

You’re probably right, but do you know how to set it up correctly–without error?

The tweet above links to this ~11-minute video, by Julius Fedorovicius:

In the video, Julius gives an example of how some people incorrectly set up the OR condition (basically by showing an example of a set up that, in reality, probably won’t happen). 

Then, as you might expect, Julius goes on to show you the proper way to set up the OR condition. 

It’s an 11-minute video worth watching…and following.
Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel