Google Working on Aligning Search Console Testing Tools and the URL Inspection Tool

Upcoming changes to align AMP, Mobile Friendly, and Rich Results testing tools with the URL inspection tool.
SIA Team
October 12, 2021

For anyone who uses multiple tools, especially tools from one company (Google, in this case), there’s one thing you can really appreciate: uniformity of design. 

That is, you appreciate when the user interface (UI) of the platforms are similar enough that when you decide to use a different tool (from the same company), you don’t have to spend a lot of time re-learning how to navigate that tool. 

Well, yesterday (October 11th, 2021), on Google’s Search Central Twitter channel, there was an announcement about this.

That tweet had a link to a page titled, Aligning Search Console Testing Tools and the URL Inspection Tool.

You may know that, in Search Console, you have access to 3 testing tools, which give you metrics for AMP, Mobile Friendly, and Rich Results.

Well, the basic engine that powers these tools is the same engine as Search Console’s URL Inspection tool

However, Google feels that the UIs of these tools, since they’re powered by the same engine, can be made more similar. 

Standardization of some previous features is one way this will be accomplished. 

The following fields will be reported both on the URL inspection tool and the public testing tools: page availability, HTTP headers, page screenshot, and paired AMP inspection.

So, if you use the aforementioned tools often, you should soon begin to see a similarity among them, which should hopefully make things easier, especially for people new to these tools. 

Source: Google Search Central Twitter channel