“How Can I Make My Brand’s Web Stories Show Up in Google?” Google Responds

Web Stories are a great way to attract attention and visitors to your brand...if people see them.
SIA Team
November 5, 2021

At around the 47-minute, 54-second mark of the English Google SEO Office-Hours from October 29, 2021, Google’s John Mueller was asked about Web Stories. (Queued video below.)

Three Aspects About Web Stories

John’s response follows:

“OK, so I think there are two aspects here.

“On the one hand, Web Stories are normal pages.

“So they can appear in the normal search results as well. 

“From a technical point of view, they’re built on AMP, but they’re normal HTML pages, essentially. And that also means that you can link them normally within your website. 

“So that’s really–I think–critical for us that we understand these are part of your website. And maybe they’re an important part of your website.

“And if you think that they’re important, they should be linked in an important way. That means maybe link them from your home page or some other pages which are very important for your website so that we can understand this is an important page.”

The Second Aspect About Web Stories

John continued: 

“Then, the other aspect here is, because these are normal HTML pages, we need to find some text on these pages that we can use to rank them. 

“And especially with Web Stories, I think that’s tricky because they’re very visual in nature, and it’s very tempting to just say, ‘Oh, I will show a video’, or ‘I will show a large image in my Web Stories.’ 

“And if you do that without also providing some textual content, then we basically have very little that we can use to rank these pages.

“So on the one hand, they have to be integrated within your website, like a normal HTML page would. 

“And on the other hand, they also need to have some amount of textual content so that we can rank them for queries.”

The Third Aspect About Web Stories

“And then, I think another aspect here is that in some locations, we show Web Stories slightly differently in the search results when we can recognize that there’s maybe a block of Web Stories that we can show.

“I think in India is one of those places or in the US is also where we show them slightly differently.

“And there I think you almost have an advantage because then we would try to find more Web Stories to show for your queries. 

“So from that point of view, it’s almost like a good situation to be in, but you still need to make sure that you have the basics covered.”

The Google for Creators Channel

“We also have the Google [for] Creators channel. I don’t know if you’ve seen that. It’s a separate YouTube channel.

“They also have a Google [for] Creators Blog, and they have a lot of content on Web Stories. And they also have some guides for optimizing Web Stories for SEO that I would recommend going through.”

So, there you have it: some great advice and resources for Web Stories.

The video below is a good place to start–or, if you prefer, you can visit https://stories.google/

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel