“How Do I Rank for a ‘near me’ Term?” Google Expert Gives Answers

You don't need to try to rank for 'near me,' because that term is actually global. Here's what to do instead...
SIA Team
August 4, 2021

You don’t need to try to rank for ‘near me,’ because that term is actually global. Here’s what to do instead…

On the Google Search Console YouTube Channel, Google often posts the recordings of their Q&A-style meetings where business owners and webmasters can ask questions of staff at Google. 

On one of the more recent sessions, Google’s John Mueller answered a question that was submitted by someone. The question submitted asked whether there’s a difference between SEO for an article vs a local service. 

Mueller’s response was that SEO was fundamentally the same. 

He went on to say that the ‘near me’ term is actually something global, and not something you’d actually want to rank for.

To that end, he said it was important to have a strong Google My Business (GMB) entry set up. 

This makes sense, because there’s a local aspect to Google My Business, and if you use GMB, it’s easier for Google to index you locally. Then, when someone within a certain geographic proximity to your business types in the proper search query, there’s a possibility your business may show up on their search results. 

That’s how you can rank for a ‘near me’ term without directly ranking for it.

Source: Google Search Console YouTube Channel