How to Balance YouTube and Work: Doctorfashi0n Gives Tips

If you want to learn how to balance YouTube and work, Doctorfashi0n has 4 tips for you.
SIA Team
November 25, 2021

Although I personally don’t feel that I need to learn how to balance YouTube and work specifically, I can relate to those who do want to learn how to do this. 

After all, I am a writer–a creator. 

And as such, I share something with all YouTubers: we have to find time in our schedules to do the things we need to do, and the things we want to do. 

Family, friends, partners, work, hobbies, pets, household chores, shopping, the texts you have to reply to, that one co-worker who’s always asking you for something…

It’s all got to be fit in.

Or does it?

I’ll leave it to you to decide what you need to prioritize.

For Now, Let’s Focus On @Doctorfashi0n’s 4 Tips for Balancing Work and YouTube

  1. Pull Out Your Calendar

This one’s easy. 

I have a physical planner because I think it’s what works best for me.

Of course, there are digital planners you can use on your tablet, and there are online planners like Google Calendar. 

  1. Ask Yourself How Much Time You Can Commit to YouTube

You might have to make YouTube one of your top priorities. You’ll also have to get really good at minimizing distractions and making the most of the 24-hour allotment life gives you each day. 

  1. Jot Down Some Content Ideas

This is also pretty simple, but you might have to set time aside for this, too. Your YouTube time is, of course, not just the time you spend recording, but also, pre- and post-production, as well as any promotional efforts.

Be sure to set time aside for all of those. 

  1. Schedule a Time to Record

Again, make sure you’re free of distractions, and when you set a time to do something, do it! 

Don’t just be a starter, be a finisher. 

That’s how you balance YouTube and work.

Source: YouTube Creators Twiter channel