“I Don’t Think We Use Anything From Google Chrome For Ranking” – John Mueller

Ever wondered if Google gathers data from Chrome and uses it to rank pages in the Search Results? John Mueller provides insights on this particular topic.
Marie Aquino
January 12, 2022

In the Google SEO Office Hours hangout last January 7, John Mueller was asked what data Google Chrome collects from users for ranking purposes.

Mueller responded that he does not think they use anything from Google Chrome for ranking. The only thing that happens with Chrome is for the page experience report, they use the Chrome User Experience Report data, which is the aggregated data of what users saw when they visited the website, with regards to their page experience. That’s the only thing that they use for Chrome, within ranking.

While he mentioned that they do not use anything from Google Chrome for ranking, Chrome does gather data from real users on their page experience using the Chrome User Experience report (CrUX), which is a part of the Core Web Vitals. He mentioned that it is the only thing that they use for Chrome within ranking.

When the Page Experience Update and within it, the Core Web Vitals, was rolled out in Mobile last year (2021), Google has mentioned that it would be a ranking signal.

As to whether it is a ranking factor or not, if it is significant or not, you could read more details about it in our Core Web Vitals article.

While they use the data from the Chrome User Experience report for the Core Web Vitals metrics, his mention that they do not use anything from Chrome for ranking is a statement that shows the data gathered is not significant enough to affect rank. Note also that not all sites have a CrUX, most especially for smaller websites.

So if you have been wondering if Google has been gathering data from Chrome users and if it has an effect on rank? Now you know the answer.