Instagram Introduces an In-Chat Payment Option

Payments on the platform allow for real-time communication between buyers and sellers as well as the ability to request or gather payments and track orders directly from an Instagram conversation.
SIA Team
July 23, 2022

Instagram today revealed a brand-new “Payments in Chat” feature via Meta’s Newsroom. Direct messages on social media will soon allow customers to buy products from verified small businesses.

In their press release, Meta stated that they wanted to “enable individuals to start discussions with businesses they care about and assist them to find and buy things they love in a simple, seamless experience, directly from the chat thread.”

According to Meta, a billion people message businesses every week on social media company’s platforms. This entails engaging with stories, looking over products, conversing with brands, and requesting assistance.

This upgrade will let the buyers and sellers communicate inside the app, ask for or receive payments, and keep track of orders all from a discussion on Instagram.