Instagram Now Displays Advertisements in User’s Profile Feed

The Explore feed and account profile feeds are just two of the places on Instagram where advertising is now appearing more frequently.
SIA Team
October 5, 2022

Instagram is now showing adverts in more places, including public profiles and the Explore tab, due to several modifications to its advertising system.

One of them is the AR advertisements and multi-advertiser ads are additional upgrades. Brands may inspire customers to interact with the effect through their surroundings by utilizing the AR experience offered by Spark AR.

Another ad is intended for people who are shopping and have recently interacted with pertinent business content in the feed and might find businesses through multi-advertiser advertisements.

“When a person expresses commercial intent by engaging with an ad, we deliver more ads from other businesses that may be of interest, powered by machine learning. Through a large-scale back-end study, we observed that adding multi-advertiser ads to ad campaigns drove improved efficiency in incremental conversions per dollar spent,” Instagram said in their recent blog post on October 4, 2022.

Meanwhile, Instagram is providing a library of free music for use with Reels advertising whereas the Reels’ carousel advertising can now use free, high-quality music from the Meta Sound Collection library.

Intagram said that these ads will start to appear in profile feeds for those over 18 with public Instagram profiles only.