John Mueller on Rebuilding Expired Domains

John Mueller answers a question on rebuilding an expired site that used to rank in the Google Search Results. Can traffic and rank be regained once rebuilt?
Marie Aquino
January 14, 2022

On Twitter, John Mueller was asked if a domain that was performing well in the Google Search Results in the past that has expired can be made live again, and if the traffic and ranking can be regained.

Mueller’s simple response was that yes, a new site can be made and it can become popular over time, also.

The user’s follow up question is for the old pages that have hundreds of backlinks, it they have to be remade again.

Mueller’s response was that the user was overthinking it and that there’s no magical voodoo bonus from an old domain. If you want to use an older domain name, you can use it, but the important part is the website that is build, not the domain name.

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Some webmasters or SEOs purchase expired domains for their metrics, with the thought that the metrics will be carried over and therefore, it would be easier to rank the rebuilt site compared to registering a new domain name.

According to Mueller, there is no magic voodoo bonus from using an old domain and if your goal is to rebuild the site or to use the domain and the metric it has, that this is no guarantee to get the page ranked.

What is important is the website that is built, the content, how it fairs out to be, and not the domain name and whichever metric it has carried over from the past. At least with regards to the use of expired domains for sites and getting it ranked.

As a PBN or link source, that may be an entirely different answer. Then again, we can’t really ask Mueller about it 😉