John Mueller Pays For Screaming Frog And He Doesn’t Even Do SEO!

Looking for a website crawler for your Technical SEO Audits? Looks like John Mueller has unofficially endorsed one!
Marie Aquino
January 4, 2022

Screaming Frog is a well-known website crawler. Most SEOs know about the tool and has it in their tool set as it helps with crawling a site, checking each page, and looking for any issues that may need attention and fixing.

It’s a very comprehensive crawler that is able to analyze small to really large sites, and is available in a free version, with limited crawling capabilities, and in a paid version.

On a Reddit SEO community, someone asked about how to justify getting a paid subscription to Screaming Frog to his boss.

John Mueller chimed in and said that he pays for his own copy and he does not even do SEO. He finds the tool super-useful.


How’s that for an unpaid endorsement by John Muller, himself.

Technical SEO is also an important part of SEO. Making sure all your pages are working fine, are not showing 404 errors, your 301s are going to the right pages, the titles and descriptions of your pages are not duplicated, among others, are important aspects that needs to be looked into and taken care of.

Fixing such issues helps in the optimization of your site for search, and in making sure that your visitors can access the pages when they visit it.

Screaming Frog can help with crawling each page of your site and looking for these issues that needs fixing. There are a lot of other tools that can also do the same, it is really up to your preference.