Keep Your Business Information Consistent Across The Web

How important is it to keep your business information consistent across the web? Do you need to pay a tool or service to keep the information consistent?
Marie Aquino
February 1, 2022

In the Google Search Central SEO Office Hours on January 28, a user asked if Google cares if your business is listed in local directories and if information such as the business name, address, and phone number is consistent across directories.

John Mueller responded that when it comes to the exact name, address, and phone number, he does not know how much that plays into Google Business Profiles.

One area this could come into play is with regards to entities and recognizing the entity behind a website or a business. For this, it helps to make sure that the information across the web is consistent information that Google can recognize as correct. This plays more into the Knowledge Graph or Knowledge Panel.

If Google can understand that this is the entity behind the website and there are different mentions of the entity in different places and the information is consistent across those places, then they can trust that information.

In comparison, if the information found across different sources is conflicting, it’s a lot harder for Google to recognize and trust the information.

A few years back, Mueller mentioned when they started the Local Business Structured Data on Pages, they ran into local profiles where the business would have different opening hours or phone numbers from those that are marked up on their website.

It created conflicting information. On the side of Google, they have to make a judgment call, but they do not really know which information is correct. This is confusing and the wrong information can be used.

However, if someone else consistently provided correct information everywhere, then it was easier for Google to say that the information provided is correct and that they should definitely show it the way it is.

With regards to whether or not to use a tool or service to maintain the business information across the web consistent and updated, if you have a handle of mentions on the web where you are listed as a local business, you probably don’t need a tool. The important thing is to just regularly check and make sure that the information about your business and website is correct.

Great information from Mueller and it does make sense to make sure that the information about your business is consistent across the web.

Inconsistent information not only confuses search and lessens the likeliness that you show up in the SERPs and Knowledge Panel, but it also confuses people who search for your business. Wrong information could lead to loss of visitors and loss in sales.

Make sure to keep it consistent – from your website, social media pages, citations, listings, etc.