Keywords are Hidden According to An Ahrefs Study

According to a new Ahrefs study, nearly half of Google Search Console clicks result in hidden terms.
SIA Team
June 25, 2022

According to a new study conducted by Patrick Stox, Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs, Google Search Console hides the keyword term for 46.08 percent of clicks.

The study’s author said, Google likely hides many longtail keyword data from GSC users by examining one month of data across 146,741 websites and involving close to 9 billion total clicks.

The study said that the amount of hidden data varies greatly by website.

check the study here:

Stox noted, “You see lots of sites around the middle and a large spike at 95%-100% missing clicks. So many of the sites are missing about half their data, but a large number of sites are missing most of the data.”

In another data visualization in the report shows that websites with the highest and lowest traffic volume tend to have more hidden data.

Stox points out that Ahrefs drew their data from the API in order to obtain all available data.

Stox created this Data Studio report, which you can copy and use to check your website for missing data.

Access this through this link

Google claimed that this discrepancy is due to privacy concerns.

To protect user privacy, the Performance report doesn’t show all data. For example, we might not track some queries that are made a very small number of times or those that contain personal or sensitive information.

Users advised that they can self-report their findings to Stox, who will aggregate and share them in an update.