Laid-Off Employee Builds Successful LGBTQ+-Friendly Car Site

When Chaya Milchtein was laid off in April 2020, she decided to focus more on her website.
SIA Team
November 12, 2021

Currently, the newest post on the Google for Creators Blog is titled, This Creator Built an LGBTQ+-Friendly Site for Car Talk

It features the story of Chaya Milchtein, who, despite not having a driver’s license, was placed in the Sears auto department. 

But she liked working with the customers, and thought of herself as a translator–translating important car principles, into easy-to-understand ideas.

But there came a time in her career where she had hit a ceiling, and she had to make a decision: either climb up the corporate ladder (which she didn’t want to do), or, as a career coach had suggested, start a blog.

Despite her feeling of lack in the writing arena, she decided on the second option. 

So, she started Mechanic Shop Femme. As the name implies, it’s a mechanics-oriented site with a twist of femme (although it’s LGBTQ+-inclusive). 

It’s a beginner’s-friendly car site. 

When I think of customer research, I think of trying to find a demographic that has a need or desire that’s specific to that demographic–so much so that it almost defines that demographic.

What I think is interesting about Mechanic Shop Femme is that there’s nothing about the LGBTQ+ demographic that, as far as I can tell, would make them need, or want, a vehicle any more or less than most other demographics.

Yet, here is a site that has a hint of that demographic, which does well in the automotive industry.

What this tells me is that by adding your own flavor, your own personality to an otherwise faceless subject, you can reach people who otherwise would not have wanted to approach that subject.

Source: Google for Creators Blog