LinkedIn Reports A 3X Increase In Demand For “Creator” Jobs

According to LinkedIn, the number of employment associated with creators has increased by three times since last year.
SIA Team
July 26, 2022

According to a recent LinkedIn survey, as companies invest in fresh strategies to increase engagement, job postings for creator-related professions have tripled.

LinkedIn said that the rising demand for creators is generating an entire ecosystem of new opportunities. Companies hire for administrative and support positions, such as creator managers, creator educators, creator partnerships, and more, in addition to hiring creators themselves.

 LinkedIn ranks the various industries according to how many creator job ads there were this year, this year technology & information tops the list, followed by advertising services, staffing and recruiting, e-learning providers, it services & it consulting, musical groups & artists, media & telecommunications, retail apparel & fashion, computers & electronics manufacturing and food & beverage services.

TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube (technology & information) are among the social media channels that are most frequently used by companies that employ creators.

Advertising services is the second-largest industry for creator-related employment, a sign that businesses are looking for innovative ways to spread their messages online.