LinkedIn Updates Search Result

LinkedIn has improved content discovery, added captions to real-time events, and added the opportunity to share reviews.
SIA Team
May 15, 2022

LinkedIn has made modifications to its search and discovery functionalities to provide users with more valuable content.

Users of the professional networking site will now be able to access relevant posts from other creators outside their network, as well as news, topics, and trends from their relationships.

On the LinkedIn network, users will be able to access content relevant to their search from experts and like-minded people.

This update also makes it easier for users to “re-discover” previously seen content by using keywords and the name of the person who posted it.

In a blog post, LinkedIn’s Chief Product Officer Tomer Cohen stated:

“If you’re interested in a particular topic when you search for it you’ll see the latest insights, expert opinions, and other breaking new. From finding the right people, communities, companies, jobs, or content, you can now make progress on any professional goal by simply searching for the topic you have in mind.”

LinkedIn is updating user-profiles and providing a new accessibility tool in addition to improving search results.