Missing Data In Google Crawl Stats

Have you noticed a gap in the data of your Search Console Crawl Stats Report and wondering what is up? Should you be concerned?
Marie Aquino
February 15, 2022

Crawling and indexing of pages seem to have become an issue in the past months, even past year. Most people look at their Search Console Crawl Stats Report to check Google’s crawl history of their site. In the report, data can be seen on how many total crawl requests were made and when, the server response, and if there are any issues encountered.

If you are one of those who monitor their crawl stats, you may have noticed a gap in the data last week. It looks like Google Search Console has encountered a bug wherein crawl data has a missing data gap.

The date for the missing data varies – some have them on the 8th of February, some on the 9th.

The issue is yet to be confirmed by Google but it looks like a widespread issue and is most likely just a bug in reporting.

Google has encountered some reporting issues in the past and it usually resolves itself after a few days. If you have noticed the data gap in your crawl reports, no need to worry about a crawling issue affecting your site as it is more likely just an issue with the reporting of the data and would correct itself after a few days.

With regards to issues with indexing though, looks like it’s going to be a regular occurrence. As John Mueller said, it is normal for search not to index all sites.

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