New Article Reminds Us of The Best Marketing Strategy Ever

Can a speech from over 20 years ago be relevant in today's ever-changing marketing landscape?
SIA Team
July 15, 2021

What if that speech was done in the offline world? Can it apply to online marketing?

Yes, it can, because this marketing strategy begins with something deeper.

The new article is from Forbes, and it’s based on a video of speech that Steve Jobs gave over years ago.

That video has been viewed millions of times, and has some great wisdom.

Basically, Steve Jobs talks about something that comes before marketing and advertising strategies: values.

Who are we, as a company?

What do we stand for, beyond our product or service?

Steve Jobs mentioned something interesting: Nike’s advertising isn’t about their products.

You’ll have to watch the video to see what Nike’s advertising is really about.

I believe this is where the phrase “Think Different” came from.

Have transcendent values.

Where do you stand in your market?

Who are you to your audience?

How can you think differently?