Privacy and Accurate Measurement: What All Digital Businesses Must Know to Prepare for 2022

Abiding by the demands of privacy regulation, while gathering metrics, can be a challenge. How does the future look?
SIA Team
September 17, 2021

If you’re involved in digital business, even as a consumer, you know that privacy is a critical foundation of nearly everything that’s done online. 

If you’ve ever seen a cookie notice, you’ve seen privacy compliance in action.

If you’ve heard of some of the fines and settlements that Amazon, Zoom and Google have faced, you know that was the legal arm enforcing privacy infractions.

And you know that these can be taken as a stark warning to all digital businesses: abide by privacy regulations (and these can vary worldwide), or face persecution. 

But here’s the catch: for digital businesses to have the best chance of thriving, they have to collect (user) data. Collecting data is how businesses see what works and what doesn’t.

As you know, one method of collecting data is via cookies. 

But what if increasingly demanding and restrictive privacy policies nullify (or at least, continuously minimize) the benefit of using cookies?

Indeed, this has been an industry concern. (As a side note, I did write an article about a potential solution for advertisers and affiliate managers.)

So, is it possible to abide by privacy regulations (thus, earning user trust) while measuring data accurately?

Yesterday (September 16th, 2021), the Google Analytics Twitter channel had a tweet about this topic. 

That tweet linked to an article by Google’s Karen Stocks, titled, Is Your Measurement Plan Ready for 2022?   

What’s not mentioned in that article’s title, but is a key theme, is privacy. So now, you’re beginning to know what the article’s about: privacy, measuring data, and being prepared for the future. 

Consumer Privacy While Collecting Accurate, Actionable Data

A key concern among a lot of digital businesses has to do with maintaining compliance with privacy regulations, while safely using data-gathering solutions. 

With things like Google Analytics, the global tag manager, and data-gathering techniques that are dictated by the privacy limitations of the user, privacy and measurement don’t have to be at odds. 

The main message of the article is that yes, it is possible to abide by privacy regulations (thus, earning user trust) while accurately measuring data. 

Is Your Measurement Plan Ready for 2022? 

Find out by reading the article and implementing its suggestions. 
Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel