Real-Time Website/App Analytics With Google Analytics 4

A recent Google Analytics tweet informs people that you can get real-time website/app analytics with Google Analytics 4.
SIA Team
November 24, 2021

A recent tweet on the Google Analytics Twitter channel informs readers about this:

The tweet links to a Google Analytics Help page, titled Realtime Report.

Imagine Watching Real-Time Website Analytics…In Real Time!

Do you know what’s really fun about real-time website analytics?

Provided you have things set up properly, you can sit there and just watch…

Visitors come to your site, and you can see the number of visitors you’ve had, per minute, over the past 30 minutes. 

Want to see where your visitors come from, campaign, or medium? 

You can see that. 

Did you make a bet with another writer to see who’s content is the most engaging? 

Did you win? (You can find that out, as well.)

The Realtime Report Analytics Help page that I mentioned earlier talks about what real-time is, how to access it in your Google Analytics 4 account, ways you can use real-time, things to keep in mind, and finally, related resources. 

Perhaps One of The Best Benefits of Real-Time App Analytics Is This…

Imagine that you start some sort of campaign, or some of your affiliates start driving traffic to you.


Well, what if there’s something you overlooked, or someone set up wrong on your site?

(Now, to be honest, you should always test things out meticulously before you make them go live. But let’s suppose that didn’t happen, or something was overlooked…)

But let’s say that you’ve initiated a big launch, a new campaign, or some traffic-driving effort.  You’re watching this traffic, real-time.

But…something’s wrong. 

You know that for every X number of visitors, usually %Y (conversions) occurs within a certain amount of time.

So, how come Y isn’t happening? 

You then take a look, and find that your third-party merchant solution had an update, and you need to agree to that update.

Or, for some reason, something isn’t loading properly 


You’re losing money…almost by the minute (or even by the second)!

But you know what? 

It could’ve been worse. 

Had you not been using your site’s (or app’s) real-time traffic-monitoring solution, this might have gone unnoticed for much longer (unless you had some other type of sales notification system, like an email or a “ding” that you hear). 

Another thing to keep in mind is that, the more you use your app’s analytics solution, the more holistic of a picture you can make. 

By that, I mean that the more data you can gather, the more you can connect the dots. 

Real-time website analytics is a great start to this. 

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel