“For Googlebot, Can I Remove JavaScript?” Google Responds

If your core content (text, video, audio, images, etc.) stays the same, then you may be able to remove JavaScript.
SIA Team
November 29, 2021

If you’ve been wondering if removing JavaScript from your HTML will help with Googlebot, then you might get an answer here.  

During the English Google SEO Office-Hours From November 26, 2021, a participant asked John Mueller

“…If we delete all JavaScript on-page for Googlebot, not for users, will there be any crawling issue or maybe authority issue of our site?”

The video below has been queued to the 11:24 mark. 

John’s reply was:

“Probably not. So if JavaScript is not required for your pages, for the content, and for the internal linking, then probably that doesn’t change anything.

“I don’t think it would significantly improve things from your side. So I would be cautious about just making that change.”

But, Before Removing JavaScript, Remember This…

“It’s also tricky. Because once you kind of go down this route of making more, I don’t know, simplified pages for Googlebot, it’s very easy to fall into a situation where Googlebot sees something very different than what your users usually see, and that can make it very hard to diagnose issues. So if there’s like some bug that’s only affecting the Googlebot version of the site you wouldn’t see it if users always see a working website.”

Removing JavaScript from your site, at least in my opinion, might not make too much difference unless JavaScript is needed to load something onto your page that users may actually see.

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel