Should You Remove Seasonal Content Or Keep Them?

Have seasonal content on your site such as pages for Black Friday deals, Christmas specials, etc., and wondering what to do with them once the season has passed?
Marie Aquino
February 2, 2022

In the Google Search Central January 28 episode, a user asked Mueller what could be done to content on seasonal topics and events such as Black Friday. Once the event is done, should they permanently leave the pages or should they be deleted and then re-added again the following year?

According to John Mueller, it is up to your preference on how you would prefer to deal with the pages. Keeping the pages is fine. Removing them is fine if they are no longer relevant.

What you would essentially see overall, once the seasonal topic or event has passed, is that overall traffic to these pages will decline. If people are not looking for Black Friday, then they are not going to find your Black Friday pages and it does not really matter if you have the page or not because you are not missing out on any of the impressions.

If you make the page noindex or 404 for a while, and then bring it back later on when the event or season is coming up, that is perfectly fine also.

One thing that Mueller said to watch out for with seasonal pages is that you need to reuse the same URLs year after year. Instead of having a page called Black Friday 2020 or Black Friday 2021, then Black Friday 2022, just have a page called Black Friday.

By doing so, if you reuse the page URL, all of the signals that have been associated with the page over the years will continue to work in your favor, rather than having to build up new signals for every new seasonal page that is set up every year.

If you delete the pages when you don’t need them and just recreate the same URL later on or if you keep those pages live for a longer period of time, both are essentially perfectly fine especially when it comes to competitive seasonal events like Black Friday, Christmas, etc.

Mueller shared that he tends to see sites create those pages ahead of time even if they don’t have a lot of content to share there yet, just so they can build up some signals for those pages – with regards to internal links and external links. Kind of a marketing effort, preparing the pages, building them up, in time for the event or season, when people start searching again.

Great insights from John Mueller on seasonal pages. How do you deal with these pages? Do you keep them or remove them? Hopefully, his answers will give you better insights on what to do with them, while waiting for the next season to come along.