Study Shows TikTok’s Influence on Consumer Purchase Journeys

The impact of TikTok on consumer purchase journeys, from discovery to consideration to post-purchase evangelism.
SIA Team
June 15, 2022

The most recent study offers brands several intriguing insights into how they can use the platform to drive culturally relevant conversations while also increasing sales.

The report also shows how TikTok’s platform and community can have an impact that goes beyond impulse purchases.

It shows that TikTok has a significant and positive impact on the purchasing process. Indeed, half of the users say they are more likely to feel joyful, excited, or happy about the products they have purchased.

Also, TikTok appears to be a word-of-mouth marketplace fueled by post-purchase actions. To find new products, users look to brands, creators, and trending topics.

Consumers tend to share happy content about big-ticket items like vacations and new cars, which sparks action among other consumers who want to join the conversation both on and off the platform.

On TikTok, 58 percent of users discover new brands and products, 44 percent discover something they had to have right away. While TikTok has 1.1x more discoveries than other platforms, it should also be noted that what happens on TikTok does not stay on TikTok.

Meanwhile, TikTok users are 56% more likely than other platforms to research new brands or products on the platform, even for larger-ticket purchases like automobiles and travel.

These TikTok-inclusive journeys, on the other hand, see: Sixty-five percent of users are doing more online research, then 57 percent of users want to know where they can buy products. It has been noted that in-person research is also conducted by 54% of users.

Finally, TikTok’s distinct discovery patterns and strong engagement behavior in the research process also imply that satisfied customers promote brands and products after they have purchased them.