T or F: “Making Technical Improvements Is Less Important to SEO Than Having Quality Content.”

TLDR: Both the technical and content sides of SEO are very important. And, quality content doesn’t just mean great text.
SIA Team
October 26, 2021

Google frequently runs webmaster-, solopreneur-, and SEO-oriented Q&A sessions that are recorded and posted to the Google Search Central YouTube channel. 

These sessions are one way that Google can address some of the questions and concerns that webmasters and marketers have.

Currently, these sessions, known in English as SEO Office-Hours, are conducted by John Mueller.

During the English Google SEO office-hours from October 22, 2021 (which you can see above), at ~23:14 into the session, John read out a particular statement. 

Someone had said: 

“I know it has been mentioned before that making technical improvements is less important to SEO than having quality content.”

John Replies

Before continuing, John had to say, “I just want to pause there and say, I don’t think this is absolutely true.”

He continued: “It’s something where both the technical side of SEO and the content side of SEO, they’re very important. And they play a big role in how search engines understand your content. 

“And I would not say that technical SEO is less important than the quality side.

“I think they both have to be good. 

“And the other thing I just want to mention while I’m here is that when it comes to the quality of the content, we don’t mean just the text of your articles. 

Quality Is Not Just Quality Text

“It’s really the quality of your overall website. And that includes everything from the layout, to the design (like how you have things presented on your pages), how you integrate images, how you work with speed, all of those factors, they kind of come into play there.

“So it’s not the case that we would look at just purely the text of the article and ignore everything else around it and say, oh, this is high-quality text.

“We really want to look at the website overall.”

Toward the end of this part of the session, John confirms what he said: “But in general, technical SEO is just as important as content, and they both have to work together.”

Source: Google Search Central YouTube channel