Testing: Announcement Bar in Search Console

No more searching if the data graph drops in Search Console are internal issues or if you did something wrong! Announcement bar in Search Console could soon be rolling out!
Marie Aquino
January 4, 2022

Google is on the works with testing adding an announcement bar at the top of the interface of Google Search Console. It looks like there would be three levels of announcements and it depends on how urgent the information is. The types of announcement bars are – Informational announcement, Minor issue announcement, and Major issue announcement.

It is still on the testing phase but is suspected to be rolling out soon. This would be a really great added feature and would help in communicating issues in Google Search Console directly to the site owners, through the dashboard.

Have you also been one of those who had mini heart attacks when suddenly seeing a drop in your data graphs and wondered what went wrong, only to find out that it was an internal issue and nothing to do with your site itself? But, you had to find that out through searching elsewhere? Worry not, once this feature rolls out, you’d get to know all about it through the announcements bar.

Definitely a good feature and we look forward to the roll out soon.