The New Bing, Now On Mobile

Microsoft has announced that the new Bing preview experience is now also available on the Bing and Edge Mobile Apps.
Marie Aquino
February 23, 2023

Since its launch two weeks ago, the new Bing has gained so much popularity and has received positive feedback from its early users. According to Microsoft, they have welcomed more than 1 million people in 169 countries from the waitlist for the preview of the AI-powered search engine. Feedback for the AI chat experience has mostly been positive, at 71% satisfaction rating.

It seems like Microsoft is maximizing their investment in ChatGPT, plus the popularity and positive feedback that the new Bing has received as they has announced that the new Bing preview experience is now also available on the Bing and Edge Mobile Apps. In addition, they are also rolling out voice input or voice search on desktop and mobile, and the AI chat experience to Skype.

Available on iOS and Android, the new Bing mobile app allows users to ask questions just by tapping on the Bing icon. Users can ask simple or complex questions and receive answers and their corresponding citations. In addition, users can also choose whether they want the answers displayed as bullet points, text, or simplified responses.

Voice search, a most requested feature by users, is now also available on mobile and desktop. This is a very convenient feature, especially for mobile users seeking to gain information while on the go.

Those who have preview access can now also access the new Bing from the homepage of the Microsoft Edge mobile app.

That’s not all, Microsoft has also introduced an AI-powered Bing for Skype. In this feature, you can add Bing to a group chat, like any other Skype contact, and ask Bing any question and it would provide the information to the whole group.

As with the Bing app, you can set how you prefer the answers to be displayed – bullet points, text, or simplified responses. Not only that, Bing is fluent in more than 100 languages, enabling access to different languages and translation services.

Microsoft is also set to add the Bing AI chat capabilities to other communication apps, like Teams, in the future, as soon as they have fine-tuned it.

The new Bing preview experience on mobile is now available to preview users. However, Microsoft has also warned that users may experience connectivity issues in low-bandwidth situations. They stated that they are aware of the issue and are working on a fix for it.

Microsoft is really on a roll with the new Bing and it has gained a lot of excitement from the public. Looks like Google is in trouble and we are wondering what they have in store for us. They seem to have been quiet for the past week, after their announcement for Bard.

Check out the full blog release on the New Bing on Mobile.