Track Your Keywords On Your WordPress Site With Yoast SEO’s Wincher Integration

With this integration, you can track your rankings directly on your site and on the particular post. No need to toggle between site or page to tracking tools!
Marie Aquino
January 13, 2022

Yoast SEO 17.9 launched and with it, is an integration with Wincher that allows you to track your keywords directly on your WordPress site.

According to Yoast, they have joined forces with Wincher as they both believe in the power of SEO and like Yoast, the Wincher team wants to help optimize content for users and search engines.

With this integration, you can now get insights on how you are ranking on keywords or key phrases that you have chosen for a particular page.

This integration helps you see how well your pages are performing for your chosen keywords, helps you track the progress of your seo efforts, and if you need to make any changes to be able to reach your goals.

The integration works with both the free version and premium version of Yoast SEO. You are also able to choose to integrate with either a free or premium Wincher account.

The free account can track up to 5 keywords for the entire site while the premium account can track up to 10,000 keywords, depending on the plan.

To activate the Wincher integration, make sure that you have updated your Yoast SEO plugin to the latest 17.9 version. You will be able to activate the integration in the sidebar of your post editor and all you would have to do is register or log in to your Wincher account. This will show you the position for the post for your particular keyword or keyphrase, and a graph of the position, over time.

Great addition, if you are already using Yoast SEO on your WordPress site. No need to toggle between different tools just to check your rankings.