Twitter Is Reportedly Working On “Twitter Articles”

Twitter is reportedly working on a long-form content called "Twitter Articles". What is it? When will it release? Will regular users be able to use it?
Marie Aquino
February 4, 2022

Twitter has been known for its character limit, starting off at 140 characters, which eventually increased to 280. It looks like they are now exploring the option of allowing users to write longer texts that is just not limited to 280 characters, with a new feature called “Twitter Articles”.

The feature was first discovered by Jane Wong who is a tech writer and a spotter for upcoming Twitter features, according to CNET.


There are still no official details on Twitter Articles and how it is supposed to work. A Twitter spokesperson, however, told CNET in an emailed statement that they are “always looking into new ways to help people start and engage in conversations”, and that they will be sharing more information about it soon.

Some SEOs have been using Twitter in their link-building arsenal and some have found tactics that incorporate Tweets, Twitter memories, etc. as very effective in affecting rank.

With the introduction of Twitter Articles, it can be an additional opportunity for SEOs to build links and improve rank. The question though is, would it allow links to be embedded in the articles? How many links? If so, will they be follow or no-follow links?

Let’s wait and see what Twitter has in store for us with their Twitter Articles feature once it releases.

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