Twitter Transparency Report Exposes the Negative Side of Social Media

Twitter's transparency report shows a decrease in account suspensions across the board, but an increase in child safety violations.
SIA Team
July 30, 2022

The following three reasons for suspensions are: Abuse/harassment – 82,971 accounts suspended; Hateful conduct – 104,565 accounts suspended. 

And 41,386 accounts were suspended due to violence.

An account is suspended or content is removed as a result of violating the rules that govern Twitter participation. The total number of actioned accounts decreased by 12% compared to the previous reporting period, the removed content decreased by 14%. The total number of suspended accounts grew by 2%.

While most Twitter rule violations decreased during this reporting period, a few others, such as child exploitation, increased from July to December 2021.

Child sexual exploitation is the most common reason for account suspension, with nearly 600,000 accounts suspended for this type of activity. 

Impersonation is the second most common reason for account suspension, accounting for 169,396 account suspensions, followed by Illegal or certain regulated goods or services and sensitive media, accounting for 119,508 and 118,356 account suspensions, respectively.

Similar trends can be seen in the statistics for accounts that have had their accounts suspended, with child exploitation being the most common offense (599,523 accounts).