Want to Capture Information That Google Analytics 4 Doesn’t? Try Custom Parameters

If you (or someone on your team) are willing to learn a few things, you can utilize custom parameters in GA4.
SIA Team
October 28, 2021

Which author’s (or authors’) content is producing the most desired results? 

Which content category is getting the most page views?

In Google Analytics 4, you can measure a lot of metrics–or, in this case, parameters–even those that may not be in the default version.

That’s basically what a recent Analytics tweet said:

The tweet linked to an Analytics Help page: [GA4] Add Custom Parameters to Automatically Collected Events.

The help page describes 3 ways of doing this: 

  • Disabling and then manually recreating an event with additional parameters
  • Sending a custom event specifically to capture additional parameters
  • Adding custom parameters to all events

For more specific steps, do see the help page

Source: Google Analytics Twitter channel