Webinar for Saturday, November 20, 2021: 6 Steps to a Winning Content Strategy for 2022

But if you miss it or can't make it, don't worry: it's a Facebook Live event, and I'm almost certain it'll be made available after.
SIA Team
November 18, 2021

With 2022 just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for a (hopefully) incredible New Year.

And if you’re a digital marketer, or if there’s any aspect of your brick-and-mortar business that’s online, content creation may be on your mind. 

But if you’re serious and ambitious, you want to take a more strategic approach to content creation. 

You don’t just want to create content willy-nilly. 

You want a plan.

That’s what this upcoming Facebook Live event, titled, How to Successfully Develop a Content Strategy–A 6-Step Guide, will give you. 

WriterZen, as I mentioned above, is both a company and a software. 

So, I’d expect that maybe they’ll use their software to demonstrate their usage of the 6 steps. 

In fact, maybe there’s a certain feature of their software that’s the only way of implementing one of the 6 steps. 

I’m not sure, but usually, from what I’ve seen from other webinars, even if you don’t have the software, I’d imagine that you can derive certain principles from the webinar, and use them however you see fit. 

From the little I’ve seen of WriterZen, I’ve been impressed with what they’re trying to do, and personally, I think this will be a great event for SEO-oriented business owners to attend. 

You can do so by clicking here at 9AM EST, Saurday the 20h of November, 2021.

Source: WriterZen