YouTube 2022 Priorities: YouTube Shopping

In this year’s Letter from Susan, YouTube is set to invest more into making YouTube the next generation of commerce.
Marie Aquino
January 26, 2022

In the past year (2021), YouTube has set its sights on e-commerce with its pilot tests in livestream shopping with a couple of YouTube content creators. This feature allowed viewers to shop for products directly from livestream videos of their partner content creators.

Aside from that, they have also previously introduced a creator tagging pilot program that showed viewers products featured in videos, so that viewers can learn more about the products mentioned in the videos and shop for them, too.

In this year’s Letter from Susan, a yearly letter from YouTube’s CEO Susan Wokcicki on priorities of the video platform for the year, YouTube plans on investing more into making YouTube the next generation of commerce.

Their plans for this year include testing how shopping can be integrated with Shorts, testing live shopping in the US, South Korea, and Brazil, and they are also partnering with ecommerce platforms, including Shopify, to build a more interactive and entertaining experience for users.

According to the letter, they are seeing that more and more creators are going live to review products, show new merchandise, and discuss shopping hauls.

YouTube has also become the second largest search engine and people are going to the video platform to search for product recommendations, product reviews, etc.

It looks like the video platform giant is taking advantage of the rising E-commerce space, and is set to take a chunk of it, with the help of content creators.

Are you in the E-commerce space? What do you think of YouTube’s plan? Would it help small to medium e-commerce stores, or will this just make the giants, bigger and stronger?