YouTube Creators Features Story of Full-Time, Financially-Free YouTubers

Tai and Talaat of His and Her Money teach about financial independence, but for them, things weren't always that way.
SIA Team
September 7, 2021

For aspiring YouTubers and content creators, it’s always inspiring to hear about people who had 0 subscribers, but are now doing well on YouTube.

Last week, the YouTube Creators Twitter channel had a tweet about @HisandHerMoney

The tweet featured a video that’s between 13 and 14 minutes long, which gives a little bit of backstory on the His and Her Money channel.

High School Sweethearts: One Hiding a Secret

Talaat talks about how he was raised by frugally-minded parents. After high school, he went into the military, and began earning his own money.

He then decided that he wouldn’t be as frugal as his parents. Instead, he’d spend on what he wanted. 

Then, when Tai and Talaat were considering marriage, Talaat had to reveal something–something that he was being dishonest about.

He was $30,000 in debt.

“My lie was exposed,” Talaat said. “I had to tell the truth. And we almost didn’t get married. Not so much because of the money, but because I was dishonest.”

And that, some could say, was the genesis of what would eventually become the successful His and Her Money YouTube channel that, as of this writing, has roughly 210,000 subscribers.

About their lifestyle, Tai said, “We still do the vacations, we still buy the things that we still love. Taalat is still a spender, that didn’t change.” She then mentioned a key point: “We just make sure that we have the money for it.”

“All We Wanted to Do Was Serve.”

In the beginning, a lot of YouTubers face the initial reality that their first videos only get a few views, that only their family members view their videos.

To that, Tai said, “We did not know that His and Her Money was going to grow into the brand that it has been today, simply because all we wanted to do was serve.”

Wow. What a great point. 

She continued, “And so, if you keep that in the forefront, that even if one person finds your video and they learn something and it changes their life, then you did your job. We received an email one time from someone saying that she found our video and at just the right time.”

In fact, if you watch the whole video, you’ll hear about how one of their videos may have saved someone’s life.

An ‘On-Time Video’…Created Years Ago?

A video you record today may be the ‘on-time’ video that someone needs to see 3 years from now. With YouTube, you can create a ripple (a video) that can ripple out and affect someone…someday. 

“Excellence Does Not Mean Perfection.”

Don’t let the aspiration for perfection cause you to hesitate. Yes, be excellent, but you don’t have to be perfect.  

Tai and Talaat are a great example of a mother-and-father couple who are reading a family, sharing a message, and creating videos that touch others.

Start now. You don’t have to be perfect.

Source: YouTube Creators Twitter channel