YouTube Creators Offers 4 Universal Tips for All Content Creators

Whether you have video- or text-based content, here are 4 tips for winning (and maintaining) your reader’s attention.
SIA Team
October 21, 2021

This tweet has 4 tips that I think apply to content creators–whether you’re creating text- or video-based content (or really, virtually anything you want people to spend their time on). 

As you can see, the 4 tips are:

  1. Make the First Frame Count
  2. Use Bold Visuals
  3. Incorporate Fun Tracks
  4. Try Disruptive Editing

Here are my thoughts on each:

Making the First Frame Count

Depending on certain settings, the first frame of a video becomes the thumbnail, so you want that frame to be as attention-getting as possible.

As for written text, this can metaphorically be a headline, an icon, or feature image. 

Use Bold Visuals

For a video, this is easy to understand: use high-definition, well-lit, attention-getting scenery and visuals. 

But, what about for text?

Well, the limit is your imagination. 

You can have interesting images throughout your content. 

Again, a good feature image can work to gain attention. 

Incorporate Fun Tracks

This might be most applicable to video (or audio) content. 

What I’ve seen a few websites do is have an optional audio alongside their written content pieces. 

Try Disruptive Editing

For video, I would guess this means an edit that includes something that wasn’t expected, that renews the attention of the viewer. 

For written text, I’d say that you can probably be talking about one thing, and then bring up something related to what you were talking about, which would probably slightly divert your reader’s attention, but hopefully, still keep them engaged. 

Then, without fully concluding on the diversion, you return to the main subject of discussion. 

That’s actually the Zeigarnik Effect, and it works because you’re opening loops (discussion points) that engaged readers will want answered, and therefore, they’ll continue reading, hoping that you answer every loop you opened.

So, those are 4 great tips you can use to gain, and maintain attention.

Source: YouTube Creators Twitter channel