Advertisers on TikTok Can Now Set Custom Attribution Windows

TikTok advertising campaigns will be updated to allow marketers to set their own attribution windows.
SIA Team
June 28, 2022

Marketers running TikTok ads can now optimize their campaigns with one-day to 28-day as well as  specific goals by using a customizable attribution window.

It is said that a one-day attribution window is most appropriate for a business that only wants to measure clicks that lead directly to sales.

Also, another company may anticipate that their customers will consider the purchase for several days before converting, in which case a seven-day attribution window is more appropriate.

Some conversions occur instantly, while others necessitate multiple touch points before a customer is persuaded to make a purchase.

Attribution window is the time it takes for a customer to take action after clicking or viewing an ad is referred to as the.

Meanwhile, TikTok Attribution Manager allows you to specify a period for measuring success for both click-through attribution (CTA) and view-through attribution (VTA) (VTA).