LinkedIn launches Free Tool for Business-to-Business Professionals

LinkedIn Business Manager enables large organizations to manage their LinkedIn activity in a centralized location.
SIA Team
June 29, 2022

LinkedIn is launching a free tool called Business Manager to help B2B professionals simplify their marketing efforts.

LinkedIn Business Manager combines Campaign Manager and LinkedIn Pages tools into a single dashboard.It offers marketers a number of useful features, such as the ability to share audiences for ad campaigns across accounts.

“LinkedIn Business Manager is a centralized platform that will make it easier for those of you who work at large enterprises and agencies to manage the people, ad accounts, Pages, and businesses you work with.” LinkedIn said on their blog post.

Also, it provides the following benefits to B2B professionals; manage it all, where they can access Business Manager, Campaign Manager, and Pages from a single interface, save time by changing settings across accounts with a single change and saving time on administrative tasks, and share and update ‘Matched Audiences’ across users’ ad accounts to reach buyers.

“As the platform evolves, it will play a key role in how you uncover strategic insights that make marketing at scale more efficient.” LinkedIn said.