Ahrefs Releases Major Keyword Data Updates

Ahrefs users now have access to a 70% larger database.
SIA Team
March 11, 2022

Ahrefs users now have access to a 70% larger database of international search queries, improved search volume accuracy, and a new proprietary SEO metric known as Traffic Potential, giving digital marketers and SEO professionals more confidence in making content marketing decisions based on accurate and timely data with the upgrade made by Ahrefs. 

The said updates fit into Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer, a tool that provides data on what people around the globe are searching for. Marketers can discover thousands of keyword ideas, analyze their ranking difficulty, and calculate their traffic potential. 

Ahrefs added 7.2 billion new keywords, bringing the entire keyword database size from 10.1 billion to 17.3 billion keywords, an increase of 70%. Hundreds of countries have had their coverage considerably expanded, with some seeing a 150-200 percent boost in database size.  

“We know 90% of content gets no traffic from Google while most U.S. businesses are highly ROI-oriented. So we want our users to stand out from the majority and feel confident their content marketing efforts can bring visitors from search engines.” Ahrefs Chief Marketing Officer Tim Soulo said. 

Soulo added that using Ahrefs’ toolset, users can find ideas that are ‘low-hanging fruits’ and create content which would bring them lots of customers. 

Ahrefs updates the keyword database monthly and adds millions of new keywords each time.