Aspiring Food Content Creators: YouTube’s Recent Tweet Links to 7-Year-Old Video (As Well As Other Tips)

Food-oriented content requires eye-popping visuals, but there are about 9 other things you might need.
SIA Team
October 18, 2021

The YouTube Creators Twitter channel (which, as you might have guessed, is oriented toward content creators), recently tweeted about food-oriented content:

That tweet linked to a YouTube Creator Academy page specifically on food-oriented content.

On that page is a video, followed by a 10-point checklist. The video is from December 2014 (as I type this in October of 2021, that’s nearly 7 years ago). 

The video is from Laura and Joe Vitalie, from the channel, Laura in the Kitchen.

During that video, they discussed the beginnings of their channel, how they grew, and what they did to ensure that they attracted viewers who would be interested in their content. 

What followed was a 10-point checklist. I sort of alluded to one of them when I said that food-oriented content requires eye-popping visuals: spotlight the food.

The others (with some of my own commentary) are:

2. Make it easy to follow along

This one’s simple: before you get into the step-by-step, show your viewers the ingredients and tools they may need. 

3. Give viewers tools to do it yourself

Maybe have a link to a document (like a .pdf) that they can print. 

4. Find your niche

Laura and Joe speak to this in their video. Finding your niche is basically finding a group (usually a sub-market, but not necessarily) that may be interested in what you have to share. 

If you do a certain type of food-related area, such as vegan cooking, part of your niche may already be defined for you. 

5. Offer the basics

Do something for beginners. Creators are having some success doing that. 

6. Education can be fun

There are many, many ways to do this. Just use your creativity.

7. Expand beyond recipes

Personalities, day-in-the-life-of, cooking for large numbers of people…all those are examples of how you can expand your coverage beyond just in-the-kitchen cooking. 

8 Organize for easy discovery

You can organize your content by several categories: cooking time, ingredients, meal type, etc. You can have multiple playlists under one channel. 

9. Make viewers feel special

You can do things like ask people what they’d like to see, do contests, shoutouts, surprise visits to viewers…your imagination’s the limit. 

10. Collaborate with other channels

Why not pool the viewership of your combined audiences? This can open the way for cross-subscriptions, which can be a great way to build your channel. 

Of course, you don’ have to use all 10 of these in every single video, but at least now, you have a beginner’s list of things to consider.

Source: YouTube Creators Twitter