Google Releases Document on Controlling Title Links in Search

In the wake of Google’s recent title tag update, it’s imperative that your title links are displayed the way you want.
SIA Team
October 19, 2021

Last month, we heard of what’s been called the Title Tag Update, which is based on an article that was released on the Google Search Central blog on August 24th, 2021. It’s titled, An Update to How We Generate Web Page Titles

In response to that, I wrote 2 news items about this, titled, “For Ranking, Does Google Still Use the Original Title Tag?” Googler Responds and Google Releases More Information on the Title Tag Update.

Well, more recently, as implied by a Search Engine Journal article dated on October 12, 2021, Google released a new document, titled Control Your Title Links in Search Results.

In that document, it gives a number of pointers that help increase your chance of your title links showing up the way you would prefer. 

This Doesn’t Mean 100% Control 100% of the Time

In that document, Google says ‘you can indicate your preferences,’ which implies that, even if you follow all the stated tips, in some cases, for some search queries, your title links may not have the text that you prefer. 

That said, if you value the idea of having enticing title links, then it may be to your benefit to ensure that your preferred text is displayed often, at least to the extent that’s in your control.

Source: Search Engine Journal