Have You Started Seeing Indented Results On Google SERPs? (Again?)

Have you done a Google search recently and seen that some domains have 2 or more listings, with at least one indented?
SIA Team
October 19, 2021

No, these aren’t sitelinks, but rather, something similar: on a given results page for a given search query, 2 or more web pages (results) are from the same domain, with one indented. 

This is a recent observation by MOZ, who, on October 13th, 2021, published a blog post, titled, Indented Results Roll Out at 40% of SERPs

Their article begins by referring to a Search Engine Roundtable article from July 2021, which stated that Google was testing indented search results

Well, according to Moz (and maybe others who have noticed this), it now appears that Google has implemented indented results–on a whopping 40% of SERPs. 

Indented Results May No Be Entirely New

When I glanced at the comments section of the Search Engine Roundtable blog post, I noticed that commentators were implying that this is a return to something from the past

(That’s why, in the heading of this news item, I have the word again in brackets.)

Wouldn’t It Be Great If 2 (Or More) Pages From Your Site Appeared Indented? But…

…there’s still much to learn.

Indented results are a very new development, and we’re still learning about them. 

As MOZ says, it may be difficult to try to control whether or not your pages appear in indented results. They say that trying to do this may involve trying to rank multiple pages for the same search queries, which may not be the best return on investment. 

My Thoughts and Opinions (Which May or May Not Be Correct)

I wonder if Google does indented results if it feels that there aren’t a lot of worthy, quality web pages in its index, so it pulls 2 or more pages from domains it feels are quality. 

If that’s true, one benefit would be that indented results are Google’s way of inadvertently rewarding quality sites

That would make sense, because Google tries to offer a variety of unique content for a given search query. If Google offers 2 or more results from the same site, that may communicate to the searcher that the site is a good source for information. 

I think I actually saw this on a site I’ve worked on. I saw indented results for one search query, and then a few days later, when I used the same query, there was only one result (no indentation). 

So, maybe indentation is a shifting development (as it most certainly is). 

This might also offer some challenges to rank-tracking software, as those software may have to be updated to somehow show tha indented results were observed (vs. regular results). 

We’ll Continue to Watch

We at SEOIntel will continue to do what we can to keep you updated on this, and other pertinent digital marketing developments.

Source: MOZ Blog