ATTN: All Digital Businesses: New, 28-Page Google Document

All businesses should be familiar with this. Non-compliance can be costly.
SIA Team
November 16, 2021

NOTE: This news item is not meant to be a source of legal advice. Instead, it’s only meant for informational purposes. For legal advice, we recommend you consult with a lawyer or attorney. 

Summary: Google releases report on how businesses can improve their ROI while being privacy-compliant.

Over the years, there have been increasing scrutiny and legal regulations that better define how digital businesses can collect, track, and possibly store user data. 

Site visitors, app users (and national-level governing bodies) have been demanding that digital businesses respect, and be transparent about the use of, people’s data. 

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, the more recent 2016 General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR), and the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA) (and possibly others I may not even be aware of) are all examples of governing bodies that have taken action to try to ensure that the data of their respective citizens are protected. 

Their aim, of course, is to ensure that people’s data is used in a transparent, respectful, non-exploitative manner.

This has resulted in restrictions to what businesses can technically, or technologically, do. 

For example, there’s a growing consensus that regulations will only become more and more strict, and as such, the usefulness of cookies will have less and less benefit.

(And we’ve all heard about some Big Tech company that’s been fined large sums of money for mishandling, misusing, selling, or otherwise not handling data in a transparent way.) 

The downside, for some marketers, is that there will be less and less that they can do. 

Less data that they can legally collect. 

Less ability to discover key demographic stats about their user base.

But…Does It Have to Be That Way?

How do we, as digital businesses, continue to market and gain key insights, while abiding by the regulations of this ever-evolving legal landscape?

Google, and I’m sure others, have been working on innovative ways to creatively fill in the data gaps imposed by increasing restrictions, while doing so in a privacy-compliant, transparent way. 

And that brings us to the topic of this post: a new document that Google just released: 

That tweet linked to this page, titled, The All-New Marketer’s Playbook for Delivering Performance and Privacy

That page talks about the download that Google has prepared for you. It also mentions some case studies where businesses have had a positive ROI, while conducting their campaigns in a privacy-safe manner. 

Toward Building a Digitally Mature Business

Yesterday, I wrote a news item based on the idea that digitally mature businesses are likely to grow by 2X

The 28-page document I’ve mentioned is both an inspiration and a creative how-to. It can help guide you toward building a digitally mature business. 

Source: ThinkWithGoogle